Haven’t been feeling like your self lately?

Sometime all you need is

A Friend In Knead

With A Friend in Knead, you can enjoy the benefits of a personalized massage service no matter where you are. Our on-site massage therapists are vetted by industry professionals, highly-trained, and licensed who come to you with all the necessary equipment.

Varied massage modalities can lower your stress levels by 85% by improving lymphatic drainage and encouraging blood circulation. Whether you’re in the office or at an event, massage therapy will boost your mood, increase alertness, and amplify your motivation to achieve more!

We go above and beyond to ensure that you feel comfortable wherever you are!



On-site special event and office chair massages allow employees and attendees the
opportunity to recharge without having to schedule a spa appointment. 

Wellness on Demand

Wellness on Demand

A good massage therapist knows how to manipulate your muscles in a way that reduces muscle soreness, improves flexibility and optimizes general muscle functionality. A friend in knead is available at your beck and call.
Boost Your Mood, <br/>Energy and Productivity

Boost Your Mood,
Energy and Productivity

Physical wellness is only half of the whole picture; our rejuvenating massage offers mental clarity, improved focus and increased motivation.
Comfortable, Secure <br/>and Relaxed!

Comfortable, Secure
and Relaxed!

Home is where the heart is. It really is the perfect environment to fully immerse yourself and reach peak relaxation.
Mobile Massage on Demand

Mobile Massage on Demand

Your workplace is one of the best places to reap the benefits of massage. A 15-minute massage combats stress and anxiety—without you even having to leave the desk!

"Massage therapy strengthens the immune system, combats depression, reduces pain and stress hormones." - Dawud Ali, LMT, CEO

We are living in a time right now in which there is little-to-no physical touch due to people everywhere practicing social distancing, and even, self-isolation. These have become necessary measures to curb the further spread of coronavirus, but many people are really starting to feel the effects of the absence of human touch. This is because connection, physical or emotional, with other humans releases certain hormones that make us feel good, such as oxytocin. Touch is one of the top 5 human needs. This is just one of the reasons why I believe massage therapy is going to be more important than ever in helping our people recover from this crisis we are enduring. People are eager to start feeling normal again, which includes less anxiety, stress reduction and tension relief; which are all benefits of massage therapy.

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