New Study Finds Employee Health and Well-being Programs Will Yield 47% Business ROI in 2022

Fostering a healthy workforce isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s good for business

Avalere Health, commissioned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce study determined that employer-sponsored health insurance and wellness programs will yield a 47% average return on investment (ROI) to employers this year.

How will your company benefit from this service?
In layman’s terms: For every dollar an employer spends on workforce health, they get back $1.47 in financial benefits

The study predicts that the average ROI will grow to 52% by 2026, with businesses that invest more into employee health programs seeing even higher ROIs. The report defines investment into employee health to include health insurance premiums, wellness programs, direct medical expenses, administrative costs associated with processing medical claims, and other costs associated with providing health insurance.

According to Mike Triplett, President of Cigna’s U.S. commercial business “We’ve always known that there is a great benefit in supporting the health and well-being of America’s workforce, and this research from Avalere helps to quantify the ROI for fostering a culture of health,” “It also reinforces that healthy workforces are more productive, engaged, and drive better business outcomes through lower direct medical costs, increased productivity, lower
recruitment costs, and stronger retention.”

The report breaks down the key drivers of ROI as follows:

  • $275.6 billion from improved productivity in 2022, increasing to $346.6 billion in 2026
  • $101 billion from reductions in direct medical costs in 2022, increasing to $108 billion in 2026
  • $119.2 billion from tax benefits in 2022, increasing to $139.7 billion in 2026.

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