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A Friend in Knead in Times of Need

“Massage therapy strengthens the immune system, combats depression, reduces pain and stress hormones.” – Dawud Ali, LMT, CEO

We are living in a time right now in which there is little-to-no physical touch due to people everywhere practicing social distancing, and even, self-isolation. These have become necessary measures to curb the further spread of coronavirus, but many people are really starting to feel the effects of the absence of human touch. This is because connection, physical or emotional, with other humans releases certain hormones that make us feel good, such as oxytocin. According to Abraham Maslow, a renowned psychologist, known for defining the Hierarchy of Human needs, touch is one of the top 5 human needs. This is just one of the reasons why I believe massage therapy is going to be more important than ever in helping our people recover from this crisis we are enduring. Once we get past the point of requiring social distancing, people will be eager to start feeling normal again, which includes less anxiety, stress reduction and tension relief; these are all benefits of massage therapy.

I became a licensed massage therapist in 2015, although I have practiced the healing arts on my family and friends for over two decades. I’ve always been a natural at helping others feel better, inspiring their own healing processes and using my hands for good. These are some of the reasons why I went to American Institute in 2015, a leading provider of massage therapy education in the tristate area. I graduated with top honors. I am licensed to practice in New Jersey and I am an insured member of the American Massage Therapy Association, the oldest and largest professional organization in the industry. Over the past five years I have worked in a variety of settings which has afforded me a lot of experience working with all different types of people. I have also taken extensive continuing education courses which enables me to provide a wide range of services. In addition to working in both a clinical and spa setting, I have a private practice and am the President and Founder of A Friend in Knead; provider of on-site massage therapy services. A Friend in Knead has provided on-site massage services at health fairs, music festivals, charity events, corporations and more.

On-site massage therapy means we bring the therapists and massage chairs to your facility. This makes it convenient for your employees to receive and enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy in a safe place without having to get undressed. According to Tiffany Field, PhD and Director of Touch Research Institute at University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, massage therapy strengthens the immune system, combats depression, reduces pain and stress hormones. Other proven benefits of massage therapy include headache relief, lower blood pressure, increased focus, energy and mental clarity, and prevention of repetitive strain injuries.

Together we can develop a plan for your business to bring the necessary benefits of massage therapy to the workplace for your employees. Many employers have found that chair massage can increase employee productivity and employee retention. Some have found it decreases worker’s compensation claims and reduces health care costs. And, at the very least, but very important, it can improve office morale; something that will be most necessary when everyone starts returning to the workplace after the long quarantine period. Your people are going to want to feel good again and you can help make this happen using the services of A Friend in Knead.

Dawud Ali,LMT,CEO

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