An Entertainers Friend in Knead

Dear Artist

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” ~ L. da Vinci

We know the flashing lights are not always what they seem. Your career is hectic, high stress and offers little rest. You get no breaks; no stability; you get no sleep. And for all the joy and adrenaline highs; there are as many taxing, exhausting pressures on your physical and mental health. People forget you’re human behind the “image”. And you’d better look healthy, fresh, and rested with every flash of the camera or scrutinized fan clip on Instagram. What about the mind body and soul of the artist?

The performance life can be a whirlwind. When you need a renewal, you need the compassionate hand of a true friend. We are that friend-in knead.

A Friend In Knead will bring you back to tranquility; kneading all your stress and burnout away with magic hands, a tender, healing touch and a staff that doesn’t rub and tell. AFIK is professional, trustworthy, and we spoil our clients like royalty while fitting into your unique schedule and lifestyle with our on-demand services. We come to you any time of day or night-flying to your city, backstage at a concert tour, or visiting video sets at 4 am.

Besides the obvious de-stress benefits of massage therapy (reducing stress hormones and boosting serotonin and dopamine), our innovative therapeutic techniques can motivate performer focus, give a much-needed sense of calm and peace, and ease the pain of overused abused muscles or the common tension knots so any musicians endure. It can even change the way you move, walk, stand, or play your instrument. Massage will help enhance any performance/appearance, and improve artist comfort, health, and happiness.

AFIK offers a suite of customized, high quality holistic massage services that include Swedish, deep-tissue, stress/sleep, physical recovery, sports, prenatal, Eastern bodywork, stretching, scalp, and couples massage. In addition to vetted, licensed massage therapists, our staff includes certified meditation instructors, music therapy artists, and aromatherapists. Our therapists have extensive background in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.
We will work with you to craft a regimen specifically tailored to your wellness needs. And, like everything else we do, we get creative and eclectic. We have done everything from a special singer’s massage for the tired face/lips, to hand/arm guitarist massage, to a warm coconut chocolate massage.
In addition to safety, hygiene, and trust, we take the most absolute care in confidentiality and discretion.

A Friend In Knead’s CEO and head therapist Dawud has owned or operated several businesses and organizations that melds arts and entertainment with spirituality and holistic living. He’s a musician and certified audio engineer who knows the grueling life of an entertainer well. He is CEO of Ali Cultural Arts & Mentoring Program (ACAMP) a non-profit music and fine arts education organization in the Bronx. ACAMP offerings include Djembe drumming, Capoeira, Tai Chi, Yoga, Visual Arts and Dance. Dawud also mentors young adults and facilitates drum lessons for the special needs community, the homeless, and grade school children throughout the US and abroad. And through AFIK, he is now introducing massage as a viable source of health and well-being to communities unfamiliar with touch therapy for over 6 years. AFIK has brought its services to wellness centers, hospitals, boxing gyms, festivals, weddings, and corporate events. Dawud has always married music with health. He brings warmth, empathy, harmony and art to any spiritual, therapeutic and healing environment. He brings SOUL. 

AFIK provides home, studio, tour bus, hotel, performance, or VIP event massages, and discounted gift cards for massages and other VIP benefits. You choose the time, place, and gender preference of your therapist/friend. We come to you-tables, fresh linens, oils, lotions, and relaxing music in hand. In as little as an hour (depending on location).

Let our sanctuary come to you….and offer a relaxing escape from the chaotic world awaiting your appearance. We would be happy to talk to you about the AFIK experience and answer any questions. We can be reached at (551) 302-175 or at Check our many customer testimonials here:

5-star massage for 5-star clients looking for wellness for the spirit.  For the soul. You have a crowd full of friends; but not friends like these. Book one today.

Be well,
A Friend In Knead

*AFIK is monitoring all CDC and state recommendations in order to do our part in containing the spread of COVID 19 and keep our client friends, providers, and community healthy in this difficult time

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